All products are hand-made using only the finest and freshest of ingredients. All natural with no MSG or preservatives added. Products are cooked and fried in Non-GMO expeller pressed Canola oil. Baked options are also available on request.

Packaged Boxes

These packaged appetizers are great for parties and get-togethers, or perfect just as a light snack. An easy and convenient way to have home-style Indian cooking at your fingertips.

Look for them in the frozen food isles of these fine stores:

Whole Foods Market, Choices Markets, Pomme Natural Market, Lepp Farm Market, Donald’s Market and Stong’s Market.

  Fresh Veggie and Lentil Samosa – (Non- GMO)
  Spinach and Kale Pakora – Baked (Non-GMO)                                         
  Mini Lentil Falafel – (Non-GMO)
  Yam Pakora – (Non-GMO)
  Chana Dal Curry – (Non-GMO)


Chicken Samosas are full of flavour and bursting with succulent minced white chicken breast, fresh local vegetables and exotic spices.

Beef Samosas are filled with extra lean ground beef, fresh local vegetables and exotic spices.

Veggie Samosas – A crisp delicate pastry stuffed with a variety of fresh local vegetables infused with exotic spices.

Tandoori Samosas – Exotically spiced using Tandoori seasoning, these hard to resist delicious samosas are made in Chicken, Beef and Veggie.

Quinoa Samosas – Brand New! Try this super grain Quinoa, wrapped in a crisp pastry with fresh local vegetables blended with exotic spices.  Healthy + Tasty, a winning combination!

Vegetarian hors d’oeuvres (Vegan and No Gluten Added).

 Pumpkin/Squash Fritters – This delicious wheat free pumpkin or squash fritter is infused with fresh ginger and exotic spices.

 Kale and Spinach Bhajias – A delicious, flavourful dumpling with fresh kale, spinach and exotic spices.

 Mini Falafel – A protein rich, bite sized appetizer.  A perfect start to any meal.

 Onion Fritters – Moist and flavourful, these onion fritters are sure to be a favourite!

 Quinoa Fritters – This super grain packs in a tasty punch with these bite-sized fritters.

Quinoa Nuggets – A unique take on the finger-favourite, these nuggets offer the delicious taste of their chicken alternative with a healthy twist.

**All products contain NO preservatives**
Vegetarian options are all vegan, Soya free, nut free, lactose free, yeast free, and contain no artificial colors, dairy, egg or egg related products.